Recognise yourself in this description of a self-employed business owner?

  • Used to work for someone else
  • Saw lots of mistakes being made
  • Figured you could do it better
  • Set up a business and dived in

Now you’re wondering why the business isn’t overrun with clients, isn’t growing and isn’t the well-oiled money-making machine you’d imagined?

You’re not alone and my free book – The 7-Figure Plateau demonstrates how lack of planning and preparation undermines even the smartest, hardest working entrepreneurs starting a business.

A common mistake is to get the business up and running without a clear idea of what it is you personally want to achieve in doing so.  Do you want to be an employee in the business, attending to the day-to-day operations of satisfying clients?  Do you want to manage the business, overseeing the employees who work there?  Or do you want to be the entrepreneur with the strategic vision and drive to set up the business, select a manager to run it and provide whatever support is necessary to ensure it runs effectively and profitably?

Having that level of clarity about your purpose before setting out on your self-employed journey will help you develop a vibrant, healthy, sustainable business.

My free book – The 7-Figure Plateau – is packed with more tips to keep your business dream from becoming a nightmare.

Get your free copy by emailing me – Mark Calleja – at and leave that plateau behind.