Deborah Kerr knew the importance of “Getting to know you” in ‘The King and I’, so how is it that many individuals and business owners find it so difficult to respond adequately when asked: What’s Important To You (WITY)?

I met with one couple to find out “What’s Important To Them” and where they wanted to head over the next five years. What came out were two very different responses and a difficult conversation.

The husband had run very successful businesses over the years and was aiming to both further a current business and start a new business. This would mean going into significant debt, albeit all costed and manageable.

His wife, who has been very supportive of this commitment throughout their married life, now wanted an easier, more stress-free lifestyle, where they could go away without being bombarded with telephone calls and not worrying about debt.

Other things, such as getting Wills set up – which had been put off for ten years – and downsizing the current house as all their children have left home, were high on the agenda for one but not on the radar for the other.

I can happily say that by bringing this out in an open forum, even though difficult, we were able to define for each partner ‘What Is Important To Them’ and come up with solutions to meet the needs of both parties. This was achieved by investigating, determining and setting goals for those things important to each party and ensuring each party knew what was required of the other to achieve those goals.

Fundamental to personal accomplishment and to the success of any business, What’s Important To You? is, for many people and organisations, hard to quantify, specify or articulate.  Why should that be?  In truth, it needn’t be.  It simply requires the patience to follow a process and the commitment to answer a series of direct questions, honestly.

In brief, What’s Important To You? can be determined by candid responses to questions across a variety of topics, including:

– Are your financial affairs in order?

– Is your Estate Plan up to date?

– Are you and your family sufficiently covered in the event of an unforeseen accident?

– Are you, your staff and customers clear about yourbusiness direction?

– Do you have sufficient cash flow for the next 12 months?

– Are you doing what you enjoy?

– If something untoward happened to your business, can you restart quickly?

– Is your business genuinely worth what you think it is?

– Can the business run without your direct involvement?

– Do your children want to take over the business?

– Can you afford a new piece of equipment?

Start your conversation, by emailing me – Mark Calleja – at or call me on 02 9923 2959. Together we’ll identify: What’s Important To You?