Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about us.

“Mark has been our accountant since 2005. He is knowledgeable, reliable and very approachable. Mark takes an active interest in our personal and company requirements. Mark is always available and communicates well with us. We are very happy with Mark and his professional services.”

Sylvia Delimitros


“I went from an accounting firm that failed to return calls in a timely manner, lodged documents late and no explanation given to what they were doing. Since joining MCA it has been a breath of fresh air, everything is done in a timely manner and with full explanation.”

Joe Sciberras,


“Mark crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s. Mark’s assistance with dealing with financiers and investment advisers is just what I need and he is always available. All going well he will be my accountant for the remainder of my life and one that will look after my family after I have gone”.                                                                      

Stephen Murray


“Thank you for the Strategic planning Day. The session, even without the accountability sessions which I’m sure will follow was just the kick-start I needed to get off my butt and roll out some of the ideas I have – so thank you!”

Michael Burden


“I just wanted to acknowledge how satisfied we’ve been since you took over the tax compliance and reporting obligations associated with running our property investment trust. Over the last six years you’ve always been available to provide a quick response and knowledgeable advice in answer to each of our queries. That has enabled us to make informed decisions and move fast to maximise investment opportunities. Of course, we also appreciate you taking care of our personal tax and accounting requirements as well.

Having someone we’ve known and trusted for so many years looking after our interests is very reassuring, and it’s a relationship we probably should have formalised long before we did. The excellent, personal service you provide is a marked improvement on what we’d been used to, and for that we thank you.”

Tim Brasher


“Thanks for all your help and advice in setting up my new business correctly and tax efficiently. When I first started thinking about leaving the corporate world and ‘becoming my own boss’, I had no idea just what was involved in starting a business.

Your knowledge and skill has contributed greatly to getting the whole operation up and running quickly and smoothly, and I know that all the i’s have been dotted and t’s crossed when it comes to keeping my corporate, and personal, tax affairs in order. One less thing for anyone running a small business to worry about has to be a good thing.”

Doug Campbell


“As property investors we’d really like to thank you for pointing out the advantages of having a Depreciation Report prepared for each of our investment properties. The actual cost of the report was covered several times over in the very welcome refund we received from the ATO after you included the details on our tax returns.

It just makes me wonder why the accounting chain who had previously been preparing our returns had never even mentioned the existence of such depreciation reports and the advantages to investors. Thanks again for the great advice….and the tax refund.”

Therese Campbell


“Mark crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s. Mark’s assistance with dealing with financiers and investment advisers is just what I need and he is always available. All going well he will be my accountant for the remainder of my life and one that will look after my family after I have gone”.

Stephen Murray


 “Mark has been looking after my personal and business taxation and finances for 3 years. His professionalism, dedication and service is outstanding, which is why I have no hesitation in recommending him to my colleagues and friends.

My family and I have an extremely good relationship with Mark, who is always approachable and I always feel confident with his advice at all times.”

Paul Trisic


“When we decided to go into business together, Mark was an integral part in the way we set up our business and has continued to support us with tax planning and and helpful tips on how and when to spend on resources.

 He’s always available, has a keen interest in our day-care centre and keeps us posted on any changes in legislation.”

Susan & Robert Franco


Working together with Mark and his processes has helped to make my business more scalable. He was thinking about getting my business beyond me well before I was. His vision helped to expand my thought processes in regards to my staffing levels. The result has doubled my business size, increased profits, made the business go beyond myself, and, most importantly, created time for me to work on my business continued growth.

Dean A Sammut

Director, Future Food Management

Vision Statement

“We believe that every business owner has the right to be able to make choices on how they spend their time, be protected and feel safe that they comply with their statutory requirements.”

Our Mission

“To deliver programs so that SME business owners can operate a flexible and responsive business in a ever changing environment while maintaining a positive cash flow and profitability, ensuring that their statutory obligations are protected and safe whilst maintaining a work /life balance.”

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