Your business has completed the work for a client, but have you sent the invoice?  If you have, what are your payment terms – 1 week?  2 weeks?  28 days?  More?  Be honest, does cash-flow within your business worry you, even just a bit?

My free book – The 7-Figure Plateau details the simple strategies and mindset changes that’ll help you bring in current outstanding monies and get you running a fully professional invoicing system that’s keeps the cash flowing in.

Entrepreneurs setting up their own business frequently have trouble changing their way of thinking from employee to CEO.  Yes, C E O – Chief Executive Officer – it even looks and sounds a bit strange put in those terms, but that is exactly what you are now.  You no longer have the luxury of just pushing the broom back and forward all day.  You’ve got to source the broom, the broom-pusher and the opportunities for the broom to be pushed…for a price.  When the job’s done, you must ensure that money comes in to pay the broom-pusher…and buy new, upgraded brooms…and maintain the office to find more opportunities.

You didn’t really think it was all going to be moonlight and roses, did you?  😊

Systems are your friends.  A professionally organised invoicing system will repay you many times over and keep your cash flowing.  Job completed, invoice issued, invoice paid – bang!  Clockwork.  No more delays to sending invoices and minimal delays in receiving money = a healthy business.

Find other tips in my free book – The 7-Figure Plateau – to keep the cash flowing into your business.  You’ve worked hard for it.

Get your free copy by emailing me – Mark Calleja – at and start thinking like the boss you are.

This is general advice only and not to be interpreted as individual advice specific to your situation. Contact us to discuss the best solutions for your needs.”