Specialist Services

Estate Planning, Succession Planning and buying or selling a business are some of the more difficult decisions business owners will encounter, especially when trying to assess the future impact on their families. It can seem overwhelming to those with little experience in these areas. Mark Calleja Accounting has many years’ experience assisting private individuals and business owners with Estate and Succession Planning, and Buying or Selling businesses.

Starting, ending or passing on a business. Looking after loved ones when you’re gone. Big decisions requiring careful planning to ensure your wishes are carried out. We provide the professional advice giving you the peace of mind knowing that your plans are in place, whatever your circumstances.

Estate Planning – ensuring your personal and financial affairs are organised tax-effectively to be passed onto your nominated beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes; includes gathering of information and liaison with solicitor to prepare any wills and other appropriate documents
Succession Planning – assisting owners to prepare for handing over their business to the next generation or selling to a third party
Business Start Up – ensuring owners cover the major items of setting up their new business
Business Structuring – advising on the best structure for a proposed business, then setting up the business accordingly

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