Business Advisory Services

Helping business owners understand how their business is performing, what their current financial position is, what risks they may be exposed to and what opportunities are available to be exploited.

Whether ensuring the business is correctly structured from inception, monitoring the ongoing operational performance or helping execute the owner’s pre-defined exit-strategy, Mark Calleja Accounting will work with you all the way.

Understand how your business is performing. Appreciate your current financial position. Be aware of any risks you or your business may be exposed to. Recognise potential opportunities that might be exploited.

  • Benchmarking – comparing your business performance with other, similar businesses
  • Budgeting – planning of income and expenses, monitoring business performance against plan
  • Cash Flow Forecasting – short- and long-term forecasting the organisation’s cash position within defined parameters
  • Financial Accounting and Report Preparation – preparation of financial statements with detailed explanations of the results to highlight how the business is performing
  • Finance Assistance – helping business owners meet the requirements of finance providers
  • Business Valuations – impartial assessment of the true value of a business being bought or sold
  • Company Secretarial – ensuring all your reporting obligations are met
  • External CEO – Strategic planning for business owners 

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