Look before you Leap

The quest for instant results pervades every aspect of modern living – from making a cup of coffee to searching the internet.  We want answers, results, profits, benefits, progress, or whatever it is we desire, right now!

As in general life, so in business – everything has to happen immediately.

Reviewing the business objectives of some clients, their stated aim was to triple the current level of sales in order to help each achieve their personal goals.  The obvious question from me was “when would you like to achieve this threefold increase by”?  Unsurprisingly, their breezy retort was “next year”!

Hastily performing some mental arithmetic, I followed up with “could the business as it stands, cope, if sales were already running at the amount envisaged to achieve their ambitions”?  That thought shocked them out of their complacency.  After a little consideration, they surprised themselves when responding “no”!

Laying out the figures from my rough calculation had quickly made them realise that what they were trying to achieve simply wasn’t realistic.

Everyone sat back, took a few deep breaths and then we began the task of helping them understand that there is a process to be followed in getting any business, not just theirs, positioned to handle growth.  Once they’d grasped the realities, and with some relief, they realised that their dreams could still be achieved – just through a modified process and on a different timeline.

Planning, as ever, is the first step.  Documenting the dreams and aspirations, then working out the details of how to make them real.  It was President John F. Kennedy’s vision to reach the moon, but it took detailed planning and many years of effort to make Apollo 11 an overnight success.

Here on terra firma I’m looking forward to working with these ambitious but grounded clients over coming months and years, helping guide their business through a successful period of steady and sustainable growth.

If you or someone you know has a business they want to grow, contact me, Mark Calleja – at mark@mcaccg.com.au or call me on 02 9923 2959 and together we’ll devise your plan to aim for the stars.