Got your cloud-based accounting software and it looks great.  Easy to use, too.  Feed all the numbers in – quotes, invoices, expenses, payments, receipts – and out pops some fairly comprehensive reports.  But what do they mean?

My free book – The 7-Figure Plateau will show you the importance of tracking your business finances.  You’ll learn to regularly review the numbers and to understand what they mean in terms of how your business is performing.

I meet so many business owners whose acquaintance with the finances of their business is superficial, at best.  They’ve got the software.  They’ve got the reports.  They’ve got bucket-loads of information.  But they don’t understand the data in a way that’ll help them make critical business decisions – can we afford a new computer? should we hire an extra employee? – and reduce their tendency to act on instinct.  Gut feeling can be a powerful motivator in many situations, but it pays to have sound financial logic backing it up.

Regularly reviewing your business finances, examining the ins and outs, investigating trends and scrutinising anomalies, will inform your decision making.

More number-crunching tips can be found in my free book – The 7-Figure Plateau – to help ensure your gut doesn’t lead you astray…unless it’s to have another donut.  😊

Get your free copy by emailing me – Mark Calleja – at for improved understanding of your numbers.