When asked, just over a year ago, what he wanted to achieve on a personal level, my client’s response was rather surprising, considering not only his then current personal situation, but also that of his business.

It was – still is, really – a young business, employing two staff and delivering a modest return. In truth, it could fairly be described as underperforming.  But, the scope of his ambition and of what he wanted to achieve personally didn’t reflect that reality.  As things stood at that point, probably without realising it, he was looking at many years of frustration and disappointment stretching out before him.  His dreams were never going to be realised on the back of moderate profits being delivered by the business.

Something had to change – trim lofty expectations or get the business working harder and delivering more.

We started the change process by encouraging the client to gaze into his metaphorical crystal ball, to visualise and document what his business would have to look like in order to deliver the requirements of his personal goals.  The resulting list of actionable items was extensive, arduous and would require a detailed delivery plan.

With a day to work through the long catalogue of items we got straight down to it, preparing a strategic business plan for the next three years in the form of a comprehensive to-do list.  Our plan detailed when and how each item would be completed, including precise targets and specific rewards to be dispensed if milestones were achieved.

Initial results are better than we’d imagined:

  • 163% net profit increase
  • Business owner reduced his working hours by 20%
  • Well-performing business not reliant on owner to function

Good as those results are, the business isn’t yet where it needs to be.  But, it’s certainly well ahead of the planned timeline of what had to be achieved. 

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