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Almost every SME business owner faces issues in one or more areas of their business. But the day to day running of the business and making the next sale takes priority for many small business owners – taking them away from growing or dealing with these issues.

Having your own business has many upsides, but the reality is, it is less glamorous than what people think. It has been reported that 40% of SME business owners work greater than 60 hours per week.

Balancing life, money, employees, customers and family can take its toll.

Which of the above issues affect you? How would it feel to be free of it? What could you achieve when you get this weight off your shoulders?

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What to expect from the assessment process

  • This assessment reveals the areas you need help to address
  • We will review the assessment results to assess your issues
  • We start to create an action plan for you to begin to enjoy the differences you want to see
  • We will discuss our findings and recommend an action plan

Why is the assessment important?

  • Clarifies gaps to see how we can work together
  • Identifies areas to achieve quick win solutions to make improvements in your life or business. We have been successful at doing this.
  • Be clear on the opportunities you have
  • Work out a plan on the next steps you need to take

GetTING Started

Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You Any Longer

We at MCA are committed to and known for our holistic approach and impact on business owners to support them to transform what they do day-to-day.
And now more than ever it is easier to be responsive to the changes. As a trusted business adviser we do this in the following ways;

Being Proactive

Whether you wish to review a possible action or we identify an issue with your business, we will help you on your journey to tackle the issues before they arrive.

Sounding Board

There are times that you need to talk to someone outside of your internal sanctum to get an answer without fear of reprisal. An objective person with experience in offering advice and solutions will help.


The saying ‘A failure to plan, is a plan to fail’ rings true to many. We work with business owners to help plan for both the big and small things they want to achieve.

Exposure & Experience

The benefit of our experience is our knowledge and exposure to a variety of industries and business owners. Over the years we have helped work through a vast array of problems faced by SME owners.

Goal Setting

We assist in setting measurable goals in both personal and business using planning methods that are proven to succeed.


We help track your success and support you to stay on the path to achieving your goals.

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