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Job Keeper Stimulus Package

I write today hoping that all clients, contacts and their families are well and coping with the situation at hand that we are facing. From a personal point of view, my family and I are doing well. The boys prefer going to school (which is encouraging) than staying at...

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Further Stimulus Package

In addition to last weeks Stimulus package, the Australian Government has issued a second tranche of the economic support package. Below is a summary of the main items: Boosting cash flow for employers Last week I wrote that the support employers were going to receive...

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Economic Stimulus package explained

The Australian Government announced an economic response to assist the economy last week. I have withheld writing earlier due to difficulty in obtaining the finer details in how it will operate. I have summarised all items, but have gone into detail where this affects...

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What is Blocking you?

We’ve all done it – put an important business task we know we should be working on, even completing, on the back burner or into the ‘too difficult’ basket.  Subsequently rationalising our actions, convincing ourselves we’re too busy, or that other tasks are...

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How up to date is your Will?

One of the regular conversations I have with clients is about their Wills.  Even after many years of having these discussions, it never ceases to amaze me how many competent business people have a Will that hasn’t been updated, or at least reviewed, in many...

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Cash is King

Recently I caught up with a friend of mine and as we were talking I noticed she was not at her exuberant best. This was very unusual as I have not known anyone that could be as cheerful as her on a constant level. So, I asked the obvious, ”what is wrong”? Her response...

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