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“Another day, another 50 cents”?

You’ve set up your business, working for yourself, in charge of your own destiny – why does it seem you’re working harder than ever, but your earnings don’t reflect that? You’ve plateaued! My free book – The 7-Figure Plateau will show you how and why hard workers like...

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“Why Am I Here?”

Recognise yourself in this description of a self-employed business owner? Used to work for someone elseSaw lots of mistakes being madeFigured you could do it betterSet up a business and dived in Now you’re wondering why the business isn’t overrun with clients, isn’t...

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Look at the Numbers…then Look Again…Regularly

Got your cloud-based accounting software and it looks great.  Easy to use, too.  Feed all the numbers in - quotes, invoices, expenses, payments, receipts – and out pops some fairly comprehensive reports.  But what do they mean? My free book – The...

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Increase in super contribution cap and transfer balance cap From 1 July 2021, federal government has increased super contribution cap and transfer balance cap. Contribution cap increase The concessional and non-concessional contribution caps are set to increase due to...

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Good News For Retirees

GOOD NEWS FOR RETIREES – FOR A CHANGE! Each financial year, the government requires you to withdraw a certain amount from your pension – this is called your minimum income amount. As part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, on 22 March 2020, the federal...

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