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Are your wheels aligned?

Is your business gradually drifting off course, like a car with mis-aligned wheels? We’re all aware of potential problems that can arise from driving cars with wheels out of alignment: uneven tyre wear, wobbly steering under braking, loss of road grip, general...

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2020 Budget Snapshot

The long awaited delay of the 2020 budget due to COVID -19 was delivered on Tuesday night. For business, it is aimed at stimulating the economy. For individuals, bringing forward promised tax relief in the form of tax reduction. Below is a summary of the budget that...

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Do you keep score?

As many of my clients already know, I love my sports, both playing and watching – but especially playing golf.  A basic tenet of any sport, be it team or individual, is the application of some form of measurement – a score line.  A formal method of...

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Do you need a crystal ball or a good imagination?

When asked, just over a year ago, what he wanted to achieve on a personal level, my client’s response was rather surprising, considering not only his then current personal situation, but also that of his business. It was – still is, really - a young business,...

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Tax time | Rental Properties | Depreciation

I stumbled across a couple of articles I contributed to a couple of years ago that focus on rental properties, depreciation and the implications at tax time. Whilst I acknowledge they are a couple of years old they are still very much relevant today. I have included a...

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