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When asked, just over a year ago, what he wanted to achieve on a personal level, my client’s response was rather surprising, considering not only his then current personal situation, but also that of his business. It was – still is, really - a young business,...

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Tax time | Rental Properties | Depreciation

I stumbled across a couple of articles I contributed to a couple of years ago that focus on rental properties, depreciation and the implications at tax time. Whilst I acknowledge they are a couple of years old they are still very much relevant today. I have included a...

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Jobkeeper Stimulus Package – Amendments and Extensions

This article provides an update on the JobKeeper program, announced by the government on the 21 of July 2020. In short, the JobKeeper program is to be extended with changes to the rates paid. Businesses will be required to re-apply and satisfy the Turnover tests at...

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One Giant Leap for Mankind

Look before you Leap The quest for instant results pervades every aspect of modern living - from making a cup of coffee to searching the internet.  We want answers, results, profits, benefits, progress, or whatever it is we desire, right now! As in general life,...

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