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Government Assistance From Hiring New Employees with JobMaker

The JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme is an initiative by the Federal Government for employers to employ people that received the following Government Assistance: These are those who commenced employment between 7 October 2020 and 6 October 2021; were aged between 16 and...

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We all say time goes by so quickly, and we find ourselves one month down in 2021. Many make New Year’s Resolutions and many have either forgotten what they were or have stopped chasing the goal. There are many reasons that these goals go missing: Did you write them...

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Recognising a false economy and what to do about it It’s a familiar refrain: tradesman client meets me for one of our regular reviews and his biggest complaint is that he doesn’t have enough time to do what he needs to for his business or in his personal life. Of...

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Are your wheels aligned?

Is your business gradually drifting off course, like a car with mis-aligned wheels? We’re all aware of potential problems that can arise from driving cars with wheels out of alignment: uneven tyre wear, wobbly steering under braking, loss of road grip, general...

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2020 Budget Snapshot

The long awaited delay of the 2020 budget due to COVID -19 was delivered on Tuesday night. For business, it is aimed at stimulating the economy. For individuals, bringing forward promised tax relief in the form of tax reduction. Below is a summary of the budget that...

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Do you keep score?

As many of my clients already know, I love my sports, both playing and watching – but especially playing golf.  A basic tenet of any sport, be it team or individual, is the application of some form of measurement – a score line.  A formal method of...

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