Cash is King

Recently I caught up with a friend of mine and as we were talking I noticed she was not at her exuberant best. This was very unusual as I have not known anyone that could be as cheerful as her on a constant level. So, I asked the obvious, ”what is wrong”? Her response shocked me, “I am running out [...]

Do you know what your business is worth?

Time and again the answer to that question relates directly to a ‘pain point’ exercising the minds of most business owners – retirement planning.   Experience shows us for all that retirement planning is thought about, those thoughts are not followed-up with appropriate actions. What does retirement planning have to do with how much your business is worth?  The reality for [...]

Beware of scammers and scams

This time of the year always brings out a whole host of unscrupulous people who’ll try to take advantage of the more unsuspecting among us. A particular favourite among scammers is pretending to be the ATO and attempting to take away your refund or advising that you have a tax debt outstanding but insisting on payment in unusual forms such [...]

Does your business really need an accountant?

Cloud computing-based accounting products such as Xero and MYOB have inspired business owners to ask themselves, nowadays “how much do I really need an accountant”? The software is relatively user friendly, uses and produces real-time data, letting users prepare and lodge their own BAS’s. almost importantly, they are inexpensive! But the real question is, are business owners getting the maximum they [...]

What’s important to you?

Deborah Kerr knew the importance of “Getting to know you” in ‘The King and I’, so how is it that many individuals and business owners find it so difficult to respond adequately when asked: What’s Important To You (WITY)? I met with one couple to find out “What’s Important To Them” and where they wanted to head over the next five years. What came out were two very different responses and a [...]