Is your business gradually drifting off course, like a car with mis-aligned wheels?

We’re all aware of potential problems that can arise from driving cars with wheels out of alignment: uneven tyre wear, wobbly steering under braking, loss of road grip, general instability and difficulty keeping direction.  That’s why checking wheel alignment is such an important part of the car’s regular servicing and maintenance schedule.

Much the same is true for your business.

A recent session with some clients demonstrated precisely these types of issues occurring between partners in the business.

One of the partners had devised some ideas for developing the business – all well and good.  Implementing them without any discussion with the other partner – not so good.  This in itself was enough to create tension between the partners and instability in the business.

That turned out to be the least of their problems.

They asked me to conduct a review of the current state of their business – service and maintenance, if you will.  Analysis of the impact of unilateral implementation of these ideas clearly demonstrated they had caused the business to drift significantly from achieving previously agreed targets.  Desired end results each partner had consistently signed-up to at previous strategy days.

In fact, such was the negative impact on their agreed end game, that it’ll now take them a few extra years to achieve the original goals they had set.

Regular discussions between the stakeholders in your organisation, and with your accountant, can help keep your objectives and strategy aligned, and your business on track.

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