You’ve set up your business, working for yourself, in charge of your own destiny – why does it seem you’re working harder than ever, but your earnings don’t reflect that?

You’ve plateaued!

My free book – The 7-Figure Plateau will show you how and why hard workers like yourself are failing to get the rewards their efforts deserve…and provide you with proven, easy to implement strategies and processes to break through your plateau.

For example, have you determined the true value of the work that you’re doing?  That’s more subtle than simply multiplying the rate you charge clients.  Work out what you earn in a week or a month, then determine exactly what work you did on the business in the same period.  Time on the job, time preparing quotes, time creating and sending invoices, dealing with accounts, talking to potential clients, buying supplies…it can be an endless list.

You earned money doing actual work for an actual client, but nothing for all those hours devoted to essential business tasks.  The value of every dollar earned was diluted by every hour spent on that subsidiary effort.

Alarm bells ringing?  Questions forming in your head?  “Which tasks can only be done by me”?  What jobs could someone else do just as well, if not better”?

See what I’m driving at?  😊

Hiring a $40/hr employee for tasks that don’t require your $100/hr expertise is a saving, not a cost.

There are tips galore in my free book – The 7-Figure Plateau – to help you get more relaxation time, more money to enjoy it, and a better work/life balance.

Get your free copy by emailing me – Mark Calleja – at and blast through your plateau.